Are you ready to start making an impact in the lives of youth in your community?

The team at Catalyst Mentoring is excited to invite you to our Mentor Bootcamp! The day is full of great information that will set you up for success with your mentees.

In the first half of the Bootcamp, we will be going over the basics of mentoring and how mentorship can change the trajectory of a kid’s life. We will cover ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and how our community scores compared to others in our state. We will end the session with an introduction to Adolescent Brain Development, giving us a window into how our youth make decisions and how to meet them where they are.

In the second half of the Bootcamp, we will discuss healthy conflict and what that looks like with your mentees. We will introduce the 40 developmental assets and how mentorship can increase these and the likelihood a young person will succeed in life. We will end our bootcamp with Cultural Context in Mentorship. This will help us understand the culture different youth come from and how different forms of poverty impact their lives.

We are breaking our summer Boot Camp up into two sessions!

Click the dates below to register

Part 1 – July 12th 5-8pm at the Catalyst Office

Part 2 – August 9th 5-8 pm at the Catalyst Office

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