Mentor Stories


When Jonovan was paired with his mentor, Gene, he was an over-the-top ADHD coupled with an extreme need for attention from others to validate his ego. He became impossible to contain in our classroom and was put on Home Study. His mentor was patient and resourceful and began asking Jonovan what he wanted, how could he help? Gene tutored Jonovan in study habits and math, took him to Shasta College math lab and eventually helped him register for classes. Gene accompanied him to the first day of classes to encourage Jonothan to follow through. In the course of their relationship, an unpaid internship was established at an auto repair shop with the goal of providing him a paid job when he graduated from high school. Gene also helped him obtain a driver’s license by helping with test prep and by loaning his car to him to take the practical driving test. Both are very appreciative of what they have learned from each other. Jonovan was chosen to be the graduation speaker at his high school graduation on June 14th 2018. He plans to attend Shasta College in the summer and fall concentrating on welding.


Ashley is painfully shy. She lives with her mother. Her father is incarcerated. She is a good writer, but has been an unmotivated student. She has self-esteem issues and is not social, spending most of her time isolated from her peers as well as adults. When Ashley and Ellie were first paired, Ashley created some ethical issues that Ellie addressed. Since then, they have enjoyed a growing relationship going on walks, exploring college options and gaining confidence. At a recent ceremony, Ashley spoke for 10 minutes, unprompted, about the benefits she has received from knowing Ellie. Ashley will continue as a student at CHYBA next year and sees herself attending a four-year college in the future.


When Mae signed up to mentor at our first mentoring event, she was afraid that she wasn’t good enough, but she knew that she was a great big sister, and it couldn’t be that different. She quickly took the leap into mentoring and immediately realized how amazing mentoring can be, she and her mentee spend time together having fun trying out new restaurants and places to hangout. She gets to help her mentee with her homework and talk her through challenges in life.

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