School Mentoring

For the 2019-2020 year Catalyst served on 5 local campuses; Turtlebay, Mistletoe, Boulder Creek, Parsons, and Pace. We trained and placed 48 mentors across these five campuses and served over 150 kids. When the pandemic hit and schools shut down we could no longer serve students the way we had in the past.  We continued to foster the relationships we had built with the schools but at the district level regulations were set to only allow essential staff and no outside volunteers on school campuses. This looked like the end of mentoring at schools…at least for now. Then Shasta High School’s Wellness Center reached out and asked if we would partner with them to help their students. We quickly agreed and have begun providing mentoring at Shasta High on Wednesday mornings.

High school has always been a challenge to navigate, the academics are harder, the schedules are crazier, and the social scene can be a lot. Now add in hybrid learning where the school is broken up into A/B groups and half of the time you are on campus and the other half of the time you are trying to teach yourself from home. You are more isolated because half of your friends are in the opposite group from you and all sports and extracurricular activities are currently suspended.  This would be hard for the strongest and most healthy of high schoolers who have supportive families and healthy coping skills. Imagine not having a supportive family or stable home life and never having been taught healthy coping skills. This pandemic has set our kids up to fail. Our kids are hurting and they need Mentors NOW more than EVER!

We love seeing the ways that our local schools are stepping up to support their students and are so honored that Shasta High has allowed us to be a part of supporting their students. You can join us in supporting these students each week and letting them know that someone cares. Click the link below to find out what it takes to become a mentor.

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